note: these workshops are no longer spread across 2 days! They are now all on 30-06-2018

Lindy Hop workshopday:
Danny Merkelbag & Eveline van Lievenoogen
Saturday 30-06-2018
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About the workshops
JazzOut's enthousiastic duo Danny & Eveline are coming to Enschede to teach 2 workshops including one about aerials!

Workshop 1&2 (12:30-14:30)
Swingout techniques and variations. For attending this level you should dance a minimum of half a year. In this workshop Danny and Eveline will work with you to become a better dancer by working on your technique. With the techniques you learn in the first part they will teach you a fancy move in the second part. There will be rotation during class.
Taking the basics to an advanced level. For this level your Lindy Hop dance experience should be at minimum 1 year. You can dance SwingOuts without thinking about it. In this workshop Danny and Eveline take you back to the basics. With going back to the basics, building a strong base through different techniques, you will become a better dancer. These techniques you will need for the fancy move that you will be taught at the 2nd part of this workshop. There will be rotation during class.

Workshop 3 (15:00-17:00)
In this Aerials workshop you will learn a variety of mini-aerials at the first hour. You will practice a lot with the techniques behind Aerials. This is all in preparation of the second part, where Danny and Eveline will teach you the amazing Slingshot. In this class there will be no rotation, so you have to sign up as a couple. Don't forget to bring some extra shirts and a towel ;).

There'll also be a free social in the evening where you can try out everything you've learned!

Attending one workshop will cost €20 and two workshops €35. We will send an e-mail as soon as possible after you've signed up. These are done by hand so don't worry if you don't receive one right away. Signing up via the sign-up form on this website is mandatory to join the workshops when the day comes.

Bio Danny & Eveline

Danny dances Lindy Hop since 2013. Although he thought he could not dance, he discovered an unexpected talent within himself. In a couple of years he transformed into a very creative, joyfull, passionate and very technical dancer. He’s all about making hours on the dancefloor to dance as much as he can. 

Eveline dances Lindy Hop since 2007. The moment she discovered Lindy Hop existed, she was determined to learn the dance. She created, and is still creating her own style. She is very passionate about dancing and knows how to inspire others to love Lindy Hop as much as she does. 

Together they are JazzOut. JazzOut travels all over the world to do a lot of  social dancing, training, teaching and competitions. Their classes are about fun as well as about technique. When they dance you can see their combined energy. That energy you can also find in their lessons. 

More info on Danny and Eveline (JazzOut Nijmegen) can be found here.


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Attending one workshop will cost €20 and two workshops €35. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, payment information will be send to you via e-mail. These are done by hand so don't worry if you don't receive one right away.

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