Lindy Hop workshopday: Erik Nieland
Saturday 02-06-2018
Prismare, Roomweg 167d, Enschede
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About the workshops

Our good friend and old member Erik Nieland is back in Enschede for a while and excited to come and teach us some new things! He'll be giving two workshops which are both open for any level of dancer to join.

Workshop 1: Posture - your best friend and worst enemy
How having "good" posture is not only better for your health (prepare for less painfull knees and lower backs after this one), but will also magically make you a better dancer. 
Open for everyone as we will explore the fundamentals on posture.

Workshop 2: It takes two for a pair
How to have a discussion instead of a monologue. How can followers Lindy their own style, thoughts and ideas into the Hop. And how can leads join the revolution by becoming a better listener, lead and work on your improvisation skills.

There'll also be a free social in the evening where you can try out everything you've learned!
The workshops cost 15,- each (10,- for students).

Bio Erik Nieland

Fun, improvisation and healthy dancing are the cornerstones of Eriks classes. Coming from a technical background of ballroom dancing, at university he discovered Lindy Hop and Bluesdancing and sold his soul to these. Since then he has been teaching weekly and monthly classes for many years in the Netherlands and Germany. If you want to learn something else then steps or choreography you'll love his classes. He specializes on improvisation and clear communication to create a fun and deep connection in your dancing. There are only 3 rules: 1.Fun. 2.There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents. 3.Dancing is about listening to one another. (In the classes everyone will receive personalized feedback making sure that everyone, regardless of level, learns something valuable)

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The workshops cost €15 each. (€10 for students) The social in the evening is free. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, information will be send to you via e-mail.

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