Workshop Shag: Thom de Graaf & Siroon Bekkering
Saturday 17-02-2018
Flynnk, Colosseum 72, Enschede
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Do you want to learn a different dance style? Why not try Collegiate Shag! This workshop is the first of its kind in Twente and open for everyone.

About Collegiate Shag
Collegiate Shag is a family member of the Swing dances and originates in the 20’s-30’s. It started out as a street dance, but was soon picked up by collegiates (students) in the USA, hence the name.

Collegiate Shag is an up-tempo partner dance, danced on 180 bpm and higher and is energetic and contagious. A revival is ongoing since about 5 years in Europe and it has spread to the Netherlands since 2014. Most importantly: it's super fun, so you won’t stop smiling while dancing Shag. Just give it a try and you’ll know why!

About the workshop
In this 4-hour beginner workshop, the first 2 hours you'll be learning the basic footwork (a six-count basic), as well as basic positions and some basic figures. Since the footwork is new, we focus on getting that in our muscle memory while using known figures from Lindy Hop.

After a (well deserved) break, the last 2 hours we'll teach you some cool and fancy moves with which you can show off on the dance floor. We will also teach some technique, and hand you tips and tricks for when you want to start practicing on your own.

Because it's a fast-paced dance, it's best to bring sneakers.

Of course there'll be a social in the evening where you can test all your new moves!
(The workshop costs 20€)

Bio Thom & Siroon

After playing in a gypsy jazz band and dancing Lindy Hop since 2013, Thom found the ultimate dance to fit the fast swing music he loves: Collegiate Shag. In his swing dancing he likes to go all out, most preferably making a short theatrical play out of every song. Number one objective of each dance: to make his follower smile!

Siroon started dancing jazz as a kid, and added ballet to her repertoire in 2012. She got infected by the Lindyhop virus in 2014 and has not stopped dancing since. Later that year, she caught another virus, called Collegiate Shag! She likes the geeky stuff about dancing, but also loves to dress up in a handmade dress and lose herself in a funny dance. With her background in making music, she will always try to find the best breaks in a song and have lots of fun while never stopping to smile. 

Thom and Siroon caught the Collegiate Shag virus together and started following all the workshops that they could find. They have been in Hamburg, Warsaw, Krakow and Barcelona to follow workshops, and started teaching in 2016. Since then, they have been teaching in the Netherlands, in Belgium and even in Iceland. Their classes are filled with technique, cool moves but mostly lots of fun. Keep Shagging!


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The workshop costs 20€. The social in the evening is free. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, information will be send to you via e-mail.

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