Workshop Lindy Hop: Sandra & Andi Kuschel
Saturday 20-01-2018
Lumen, Velveweg 54, Enschede
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About the workshop
We will offer you 2 different workshops with different topics. 

The first one will be suitable for all levels and it will be centered around tuck turns. We will show you a lot of variations and moves building on the basic six count tuck turn. We will start changing directions and redirecting the tuck turn, add some rhythm changes and then move on to fancy moves using the tuck turn as a basic. We will offer you different layers of difficulty of the material so it would be possible for less advanced dancers to follow the class while still challenging the more advanced dancers. It would be good if you knew at least how to do a basic six count tuck turn.

The second class is for the more advanced dancers (intermediate and above). It will be about variations of the tandem charleston and the chase into tandem. We will add e.g. some transitions into 20s Charleston and the hacksaw (don´t worry if you don´t know the hacksaw yet, we will show you how to do it) and also show you some nice and fancy variations to put into your tandem. The speed of the music and maybe also of the teaching will be faster so be sure to bring a towel and some extra t-shirts with you ;-)

Workshop 1 (13:30-15:30)
Tuck-turn / Pop-turn variations

Workshop 2 (16:00-18:00)
Chase into Tandem + variations

There'll also be a free social in the evening where you can try out everything you've learned!
(Attending one workshop costs 15€ and both workshops costs 25€)

Bio Sandra & Andi
Hi folks,
this is Sandra & Andi from Essen, Germany! We started dancing Lindy Hop in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the dance and the whole Lindy Hop world. Since then we attended over 60 international Lindy workshops all over Europe and met dancers and teachers from all over the world. In 2013 we started teaching Lindy Hop in our local Lindy scenes (LindyPott in Essen and SwingJugend in Wuppertal). We love meeting new people and sharing our knowledge and passion for the dance. This is why we are very happy to come to you in january and hopefully get to know a lot of people from the Enschede Lindy scene!


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