2 workshop days incoming!

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Swing Out Loud is proud to present 2 workshop days coming at the start of 2018. Let's kick off the new year swinging!

The first workshop day will be on the 20th of January and will feature 2 workshops by Sandra and Andi Kuschel from Essen. Their first workshop will be suitable for all levels and it will be centered around tuck turns. They'll show you a lot of variations and moves building on the basic six count tuck turn. The second class is for the more advanced dancers (intermediate and above) and will be about variations of the tandem charleston and the chase into tandem. For more info and to sign up visit this page. Let others know you're coming by attending our Facebook event.

Do you want to learn a different dance style? The second workshop day, which is on the 17th of February, will be focused around Collegiate Shag!  This workshop is the first of its kind in Twente and open for everyone. In this 4-hour beginner workshop, Thom de Graaf and Siroon Bekkering will teach you the basic footwork (a six-count basic), as well as basic positions and some basic figures. They'll also teach you some cool and fancy moves with which you can show off on the dance floor. To find out more or to sign up visit this page. Make sure to also attend our Facebook event.

Both workshopdays are of course in Enschede (check out the respective pages for the exact locations) and will be followed by a free social dance in the evening so you can test your new-found skills.

Hope to see you all there!

Lessons page online

The long awaited lessons page has finally been added to the website! Here you can find the general lessons schedule, the types of lessons we offer and a description of the dances. If you ever had any questions about any of those subjects they should all be answered on the new page! However we're constantly looking to improve our website so if you find that there's still info unclear or missing please don't hesitate to tell us (in person, via e-mail to info@swingoutloud.nl or through our contact page)!

UITfestival 24 September - Culturele Zondag

On Sunday 24 September, Swing Out Loud is joining the Culturele Zondag in Enschede, which has the theme “UITfestival”. Between 13:00 and 17:00 the Oude Markt will be filled with cultural activities.

Come enjoy the playful spirit of Lindy Hop, a partner dance from the swing era.

14:45 – 15:10 Oude Markt | Silent Disco
Join the special Silent Disco version of our social dance. Each dancer will get headphones with swing jazz music. Fun to join or watch!

15:40 – 16:10 Oude Markt | Main Stage
Come watch the performances and join a mini-workshop to learn the Charleston!

Find the full program here.

Hope to see you there!

Start new season

After the summer break, Swing Out Loud will start dancing again! September 6 the weekly lessons will start again in Lumen. The week after (sept. 13) you can invite all your friends to dance lindy hop with you at our first open lesson! To celebrate the start of the new season you can also come dance at the university (Vestingbar) on Thursday 7th of September. Want to dance even more? No problem, September 10 you can join our social dance at de Wonne. See our event page for more info!

Hope to see you all there