Swing Out Loud offers multiple kinds of lessons!

All lessons are given on Wednesday evening in community center Lumen, Velveweg 54, Enschede.

Our focus is on Lindy Hop but we also incorporate Charleston and sometimes offer other styles like Authentic Jazz, as well as the occasional workshop in other kinds of Swing Jazz dances. We've got classes for all levels ranging from beginners to advanced dancers. Because we tend to attract a lot of international students the lessons are taught in English so everybody can join.

Open Lessons/Drop-in Classes
Not sure if Lindy Hop is something for you? You could always try it out at one of the open lessons which are at the start of every season (beginning of September) and at the midway point (mid-February). We also offer drop-in classes for beginners at every Sunday Tea Dance! These are scheduled for every second Sunday of the month. You can check our calendar page to see when exactly they'll take place.

General Lesson schedule





 Lindy Hop L2/3
 Lindy Hop L1
 Social Dancing



 Lumen (upstairs)
 Lumen (downstairs)
 Lumen (downstairs)

The lesson season is split up into four blocks. Each block has a collection of nine lessons with a beginning and an end. At the beginning of the first and third blocks we always start with two open lessons. This means that new dancers can always join in at those moments. For a complete overview of what we have to offer this entire season, please check our calendar page.

The Wednesday after every last lesson day of a block is reserved for an End Of The Block Party where everyone can join in to dance and have fun!
The blocks for the 2018/2019 season are scheduled like this:

Block 1: 12-09-2018 till 14-11-2018
Block 2: 21-11-2018 till 06-02-2019
Block 3: 13-02-2019 till 17-04-2019
Block 4: 24-04-2019 till 26-06-2019

Lindy Hop
We've divided our Lindy Hop lessons up into three different levels.

Level 1: This is the level that starts from the beginning and where everybody without Lindy Hop experience starts. People usually stay in level one for about half a year. In this time you will learn the fundamentals of Lindy Hop and Charleston

Level 2: This level is for the majority of the dancers. In these classes you learn about all the options you have in Lindy Hop. You learn a lot of moves and you learn to play with musicality  and partner interaction. You are expected to know the basics of Lindy Hop but a lot of attention is given to perfecting those basics.

Level 3: The highest level is meant to challenge even the best dancers at Swing Out Loud. Dancers at this level should have no problem dancing to very slow and very fast music and we go through new material faster than at the other levels. The lessons typically focus on what you can do with all the Lindy Hop knowledge you already have, like changing rhythms to fit the music or doing double turns instead of single turns.

It's important to know that although Lindy Hop is a partner dance, you don't have to bring your own partner. Because of the social nature of the dance we rotate partners a lot during lessons. This will improve your dancing and you will learn to dance socially with different people.

Note: at the moment level 2 and 3 are combined do to a lack of teachers.

Authentic Jazz
Authentic Jazz is a dance style that originated from the first half of the 20th century. As the name suggest it is danced to jazz music and it combines moves from dances like the Charleston, Lindy Hop, tap dance and the Cakewalk. Authentic Jazz is very much about musicality and rhythm, you dance as if you are part of the band. This makes the dance look and feel really alive and 'at the moment'. Authentic Jazz is also called Solo Jazz or Vernacular Jazz. Unlike most dances taught by Swing Out Loud, Authentic Jazz is danced without a partner. Right now our Authentic Jazz lessons are on hold because we don't have a teacher anymore.

Private Lessons
It's also possible to get private lessons from our best teachers so you can really focus on your personal development!
If you're interested in this, please send us a message via the contact page.

Occasionally we also offer workshops from either internal or external teachers. These can feature all kinds of subjects such as technical refinement or Lindy Hop on slow music or even other styles like Balboa or Blues. Of course we keep our members informed about these workshops via e-mail, but it's also possible to join these if you're not a member. Keep an eye out for them on the calendar page on this website and our Facebook.

Lessons (student / non-student)
1 Block of Lindy Hop
2 Blocks of Lindy Hop
4 Blocks of Lindy Hop
Double lessons
€50 / €80
€80 / €125
€120 / €190
(second Lindy Hop lessons is half price)