Swing Out Loud offers multiple kinds of lessons!

All lessons are given on Wednesday evening in community center Lumen, Velveweg 54, Enschede.

Our main focus is Lindy Hop but we also incorporate Charleston and offer Authentic Jazz, as well as the occasional workshop in other kinds of swingdance. We've got classes for all levels ranging from beginners to advanced dancers.

General Lesson schedule





 Lindy Hop L2/3
 Lindy Hop L1
 Authentic Jazz
 Social (for everyone!)



 Lumen (downstairs)
 Lumen (upstairs)
 Lumen (downstairs)
 Lumen (downstairs)

Lindy Hop
We've divided our Lindy Hop lessons up into 3 different levels.
Level 1 - Beginners - Starts at 20:15 (upstairs)
Level 2 - Intermediate - Starts at 19:00 (downstairs)
Level 3 - Advanced - Right now we've had to combine level 2 and 3, so level 3 dancers can join level 2


Open Lessons/Drop-in Classes
Not sure if Lindy Hop is something for you? You could always try it out at one of the open lessons which are at the start of every season (beginning of September) and also at the midway point (mid-February). 

Authentic Jazz
Authentic Jazz is a dance style that originated from the first half of the 20th century. As the name suggest it is danced to jazz music and it combines moves from dances like the Charleston, Lindy Hop, tap dance and the Cakewalk. Authentic Jazz is very much about musicality and rhythm, you dance as if you are part of the band. This makes the dance look and feel really alive and 'at the moment'. Authentic Jazz is also called Solo Jazz or Vernacular Jazz. Unlike most dances taught by Swing Out Loud, Authentic Jazz is danced without a partner. We usually offer Authentic Jazz in the first and third block of the season.

Private Lessons
It's also possible to get some private lessons from our best teachers. If you're interested in this, please send us a message via this page.

We've divided up our lessons into four blocks. Each block has a collection of lessons with a beginning and an end. This means that new dancers can always join at the beginning of a block.
Every last lesson day of a block is reserved for an End Of The Block Party where everyone can join, dance and have fun!
The blocks for the 2017/2018 season are scheduled like this:
Block 1: 13-09-2017 till 08-11-2017
Block 2: 15-11-2017 till 31-01-2018
Block 3: 07-02-2018 till 18-04-2018
Block 4: 25-04-2018 till 04-07-2018