We are Swing Out Loud, the Lindy Hop association of Enschede!

Dance, make new friends and have fun! That is why Swing Out Loud was found and ever since people have enjoyed dancing to swing jazz music in Enschede. The main dance style at Swing Out Loud is Lindy Hop, although we do sometimes offer courses in other swing jazz related dance styles. Lindy Hop is a fun, energetic and sometimes even kind of silly dance, where you dance with a partner. The origin of this dance lies in the 20's, 30's en 40's, but more and more people rediscover this dance. Partners are almost never fixed, part of the fun is that you (learn to) dance with everyone. Although we learn and encourage our dancers to have good technique and musicality, we find it far more important that you have fun while dancing. That is why we offer lessons in Lindy Hop, but more importantly organize social dances. Not only is there time to social dance after each lesson, we also organize a monthly teadance, socials at the University (Vestingbar) and our End-of-the-block parties.


I love dancing Lindy Hop and Swing Out Loud. I’ve almost never missed a lesson, because I enjoy them so much.
— Member of Swing Out Loud
One of the best things to do in Enschede, check it out