We are Swing Out Loud, the Lindy Hop association of Enschede!

Dance, make new friends and have fun! That is why Swing Out Loud was founded and ever since people have enjoyed dancing to swing jazz music in Enschede. The main dance style at Swing Out Loud is Lindy Hop, although we do sometimes offer courses in other swing jazz related dance styles. Lindy Hop is danced to Swing Jazz music and with a partner. It's an improvised dance that is very expressive, joyful and leaves room for personal character. It can be danced wild and fast, with spectacular air steps but also slow and smooth, elegant or sexy. Partners are almost never fixed, part of the fun is that you (learn to) dance with everyone.

Although we learn and encourage our dancers to have good technique and musicality, we find it far more important that you have fun while dancing. That is why we offer lessons in Lindy Hop, but more importantly organize social dances. Each lesson ends with social dancing and we also organize Tea Dances and End Of The Block Parties as well as occasional workshops. Keep an eye on the calendar page on this website and give us a like on Facebook to never miss an event!